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What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that was developed to restore balance and function to the pelvis. The practice is recommended throughout pregnancy to facilitate the mother’s pelvic alignment and nervous system function, improving the likelihood that the baby will be positioned better and that the pregnancy will be more comfortable.

The technique was developed in the late seventies when Dr. Larry Webster, DC, saw a connection between expectant mothers with subluxations in the pelvic and sacral bones and abnormal fetal positioning. After he adjusted the women to align those areas, he noticed the babies would often turn into correct (vertex) position on their own.  

For the mother, the chiropractic adjustment is very soft and gentle. By using special prenatal pillows, she is able to lie comfortably on the chiropractic table in whichever position suits her needs best. She may prefer to lie face-down, on her side, or even seated. A chiropractor trained in this technique is able to adapt to the needs of the patient. It should be noted that the baby is never directly touched by the chiropractor

pregnant woman belly

Dr. Kelly Dunklow of Summit Chiropractic is certified in the Webster Technique and has helped numerous expecting mothers avoid having to choose between far more invasive and painful means of dealing with a potential breech birth.

While the Webster Technique can be used late in a pregnancy after a mal-position diagnosis (breech) is made, prevention is the best option, so seeing a chiropractor throughout your pregnancy to maintain optimal spinal alignment is not just safe, but highly recommended. Regular adjustments to maintain proper pelvic biomechanics gives the growing baby the proper room for movement and in-utero development. A well-aligned sacrum and pelvis can allow the birth canal’s diameter to be maximized, decreasing the likelihood of a difficult labor and complications. Many women welcome the fact that research reports that women who seek chiropractic care during pregnancy have, on average, 25%-31% shorter labor times.

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