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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

The demands on a pregnant woman's body are enormous. Such demands require that she be able to constantly adapt to changes in her internal and external environments, both physical and physiological. A healthy nervous system is essential for these adaptive processes. Regular chiropractic care can help to make a pregnancy as comfortable as possible, while promoting an environment where the body can better adapt to the stresses of pregnancy.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care before pregnancy?

  • Promotes regular menstrual cycles
  • Stimulates proper nerve supply to reproductive organs
  • Optimal uterine function
  • Prepares body for healthy implantation

What are the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

  • Detection, prevention, and correction of fetal malposition
  • Less back pain
  • Shorter labor time
  • Reduced need for pain medication
  • Reduction in preeclampsia
  • More comfort while breastfeeding
  • Greater production of breast milk
  • Less incidence of postpartum depression


A study(1) by Dr. Joan Fallon shows chiropractic care to significantly reduce labor time for women who had care throughout their pregnancy. The study found a 24% reduction in labor time for first-time moms under chiropractic care, and a 39% reduction in labor time for women under chiropractic care who had given birth previously. This study confirms what chiropractors have seen for years - that chiropractic care can ease labor and reduce its duration.

Women who received chiropractic adjustments in their third trimester were able to carry and deliver their child with much more comfort. -Irvin Henderson, MD

Can chiropractic help turn a baby that is breech?

The "Webster Technique" is a gentle, specific chiropractic technique that has been shown to allow for optimal fetal positioning during pregnancy. It was created by Larry Webster, the founder of the ICPA. The purpose of this technique is to ensure proper alignment of the spine and pelvis, avoiding intrauterine constraint that can cause fetal malpositioning. One study(2) found this technique to have a 82% success rate of babies turning to a vertex position. Many women have found it to be successful in allowing for a vaginal birth and thereby avoiding major abdominal surgery and the resultant recovery.

Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy balances her pelvis, eliminating undue tension to muscles and ligaments and enhancing optimal fetal positioning. -Jeanne Ohm, Executive Director ICPA

Is chiropractic safe for pregnant women?

Chiropractic is a non-invasive, drug-free discipline meaning that the risks associated with it are very low. At Summit Chiropractic, we assess each new patient individually for any risks before commencing care. In general, there are no increased risks or side effects with chiropractic for pregnant women. Gentle techniques and table modifications are used to avoid unnecessary pressure on the abdomen.

If you have any questions about chiropractic care during pregnancy, please call or email Summit Chiropractic, and Dr. Kelly will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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