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The Benefits Of Chiropractic For Digestive Issues

According to The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, more than 60 million Americans are affected by some type of digestive disease. From chronic constipation to irritable bowel syndrome, digestive issues are becoming more and more prevalent in our country. 

And while many may think the only solution is to turn to over-the-counter or prescription medication, these drugs are actually only addressing the symptoms… not the underlying cause. Luckily, many people have found that chiropractic care can help them!

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The Power Of Posture

Did you know that your spine is meant to naturally absorb physical stress and tension? The purpose: to keep the nervous system – our body’s communication superhighway – safe and effective. As the main protector of the spinal cord, the human spine plays an integral part in how you heal, function and, ultimately, how healthy you are.¹

This means that your posture directly affects your overall wellness.

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Patellofemoral Syndrome: Chiropractic Care For “Runners Knee”

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (“PFPS”) is a condition that affects the area in which the lower thigh bone (femur) meets the patella tendon, resulting in pain around and under the kneecap. Often called “runner’s knee” because it is common in athletes, it ranks among the most common type of knee pain.

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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Your Sciatic Pain

Sciatica is one of the most common symptoms of acute or chronic back pain. It develops from irritation of the sciatic nerve, the widest and longest nerve in the human body. The sciatic nerve begins in the lower back, runs through the buttock, down the back of the leg and eventually branches into smaller nerves that run to the ankle and foot. It’s main job is to communicate with the cells in the upper and lower leg.

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3 Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Athletes

If you are a serious athlete, you know the importance of practicing for your sport. After all, a runner wouldn’t attempt a marathon without training and a weightlifter wouldn’t perform a max lift without warming up (at least we hope). But while many athletes understand the importance of preparation, the value of recovery is sometimes overlooked.

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How Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me Live Migraine Free

Hi everyone – Alyssa here!

For those who may not know me, I am one of the office managers at Summit Chiropractic Center. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you can find me behind the desk greeting patients, answering calls, scheduling appointments and helping the doctors ensure that their day runs smoothly. I love what I do because I get to witness people healing every day… and that is an awesome feeling.

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Four Ways That Chiropractic Care Can Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Summer

The first day of summer is finally here! And with it comes all the fun in the sun: swimming, biking, hiking, BBQ’s, boating, floating, beaches, camping… the list goes on and on.

And while we all try to pack the most into the few warm months that we get here in Vermont, it is important to remember not to neglect the health of your body. As we get busy, it becomes easy to get off track with our routine, including coming in for your regular adjustments.

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