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How heavy is your child’s backpack?

Trivia question…

What time of the year is it when parents are jumping for joy and kids are shaking their heads in sadness at the same time?


Back to school time!

As kids are dragging their feet onto the school bus this week, keep an eye on your child’s backpack. Much like this little cutie in the picture, heavy backpacks can put a lot of stress on a child’s small frame. This extra weight can cause the child to hunch over, putting a lot of pressure on their developing spine, and most major joints in the body. This can lead to subluxations in the spine, causing back pain, numbness or weakness in the arms or legs, as well as other health issues.

How heavy is your child’s backpack?

  1. Check the backpack straps for proper shoulder placement, making sure that the bottom of the backpack is 2″ above the waist and resting in the curve of the lower back.
  2. Every Sunday empty out your child’s backpack and review what they have stuffed inside. You would be surprised what items accumulate inside that add unnecessary weight!
  3. Make sure they are wearing the backpack on both shoulders.
  4. If your child is not under regular wellness chiropractic care, check their shoulder and head level at least once a month to determine if they are showing early signs of repetitive stress on their growing spine. Is one shoulder higher than the other? Are their head and shoulders hunched forward? Like dentistry, early detection and correction is key to better health.

Need an activity to cheer up your bummed kids? Print out this cute word find and coloring sheet about backpack wearing for them. 🙂 PackitLight Activity Sheet