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Chiropractic For General Wellness – Why It’s Important

While chiropractic care has grown in popularity among those who suffer from all different types of physical pain, many people still do not realize that the true power of chiropractic comes from the impact it has on their overall wellness. 

As Doctors of Chiropractic, we love being able to help our patients address and resolve the many different issues that could have persuaded them to schedule their first appointment. However, something that is even more important to us is to help every patient understand the difference between symptomatic relief and overall functional improvement. By truly understanding the value of a long term care plan, our patients won’t just feel better but they also will open themselves up to living their best quality of life. 

Relieving Symptoms vs Improving Function

Chiropractic adjustments are a non-invasive, safe, drug-free way to detect and correct spinal dysfunction that could be causing nervous system interference. These interferences can disrupt your nervous system’s ability to function properly leading to issues with other systems throughout the body, such as poor circulation, digestion, respiratory issues, etc. 

That being said, most people initially seek chiropractic care for pain relief… and while adjustments can help to correct your body’s mechanics over time, seeing your pain subside is just an example of “relieving symptoms.” Many people believe that once their pain is gone, there is no reason to continue receiving regular adjustments. 

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE to see our patients living pain-free. But relieving symptoms is just the first step to improving your body’s all-around function. Once your pain, injury, or specific condition has been resolved, the goal can then shift to focusing on vitality. Working together, we can help your body reach its full potential. 

Chiropractic For Wellness

So you’re probably wondering what does a chiropractic “wellness” plan entail exactly? First, it means that you’ve graduated past restorative care (woohoo, congrats!). You are no longer experiencing daily pain, your body’s mobility has improved, your systems are functioning better, and overall you are feeling great. Your body has adapted to the healing process and is ready to take your health to the next level. Why stop now!?

Regular chiropractic adjustments for wellness may mean that we don’t see you as often (sad!) but only because your body is actually doing its job to keep you healthy. We are there to ensure that you maintain that high function so that you can continue to optimize your health and wellness goals. We are also there to support you in your journey… because seeing our patients living their best life is the greatest gift we could ever receive! 


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