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…I could hardly walk, let alone feed my dogs and work in the yard. After my second adjustment, I walked into a store and was greeted by people telling me that I was walking like a model. I felt like a model, too. I have no pain, my head is clear, which makes my voice clearer. I am actually speaking better… I am so excited to feel better, better than I’ve felt in 20 years! I encourage anyone who wants to feel better, walk better, talk better, check into chiropractic.” 

V.E., age 54


A friend of mine knew about the problems I had been having with lower back pain and told me about the success she had with the adjustments made by her chiropractor.  I had no idea the impact chiropractic care could have in my life.  After only twelve visits, my neck stiffness and the popping and grinding in my neck are basically gone.  My doctor has taken me off of one of the 2 diabetes medications because my blood sugar was dropping too low…I have more energy and feel stronger and can work longer than I have in a long time.”

D.C., age 67


After receiving chiropractic care for just a little over two months, the hip pain caused by arthritis in my lower back and right leg pain has lessened. The burning and tingling sensations beneath my feet have almost disappeared. I was suffering from insomnia, but now my sleep at night has improved. Deciding and giving chiropractic care a chance in my life has been one of the best things I could do for my overall health.”

S.T., age 57


 …I feel energized and strengthened to do more tasks- housework.  I feel energized about getting up early to go to work.  My acid reflux has decreased.  I sleep better at night.  I don’t suffer with my sinus allergies every day.  My whole attitude about life has changed.  I used to be in a lot of neck pain, now my pain is slowly going away.”

F.S., age 48


I developed vertigo (extreme dizziness) and was incapacitated.  After seeing numerous doctors over a period of five months, no one could help me.  I discussed the problem with Dr. Tilyr and he began to adjust me.  After just one adjustment I felt better.  After 2 months I am almost well.  Dr. Tilyr has also alleviated the pain in my lower back and has educated me to a healthier lifestyle.  I recommend Dr. Tilyr to everyone!”

G.C., age 75


…After just a few adjustments I was having relief from the pain that I have had for decades. They listened to me from the very first appointment and made changes to my adjustments as needed. They have continued to keep me on the path to pain free living, which has opened up so many new avenues in my life.

A.A., age 48


I had headaches for five years and went to a neurologist. They gave me medicine that made my legs stop working for four days. At that point my mom and I decided to try a more natural way. I have been going to a chiropractor for four years and I am extremely satisfied.”

D.L., age 19